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Exploring the Public Interest Case for a Minimum (floor) Price for Alcohol - Submissions

Latest update: 03 January 2013

As a response to the National Preventative Health Taskforce report, the Federal Government asked the Australian National Preventive Health Agency to consider the issues associated with a minimum (floor) price for alcohol as a public health measure.

The Agency recognised the need to take a consultative and transparent approach to this task and released an Issues Paper - Exploring the Public Interest Case for a Minimum (floor) Price for Alcohol in June 2012.

In the issues paper the Agency reviewed the evidence around the harms associated with cheap alcohol and associated consumption patterns and the different mechanisms available to affect this consumption. The issues paper was not intended to promote or oppose the introduction of a minimum price and did not provide any modelling of what a price would be. The paper did not indicate that any Minister or Government supports or does not support the introduction of minimum pricing.

A first round of public submissions were requested, and a total of 37 were received by 24 August 2012. These public submissions are available on the Archives page.

Based on the evidence and views expressed in the submissions, the Agency prepared a DRAFT REPORT - Exploring the Public Interest Case for a Minimum (floor) Price for Alcohol that was released for further public comment in late October 2012.

This Draft Report was published to enable stakeholders to input into the final advice on the public interest case for a minimum price for alcohol, as requested by the Commonwealth Government.

Submissions for Draft Report

A total of 29 submissions to the Draft Report were received, see listing below:
1. Mr J Pettigrew (PDF 31 KB)
2. Mr Peter Thorn (PDF 38 KB)
3. Mr Bob Dove (PDF 41 KB)
4. Mr John Goldrick (PDF 41 KB)
5. Mrs Suzanne Goldrick (PDF 41 KB)
6. Ms Heidi Schum (PDF 25 KB)
7. Mr Ray Packard (PDF 29 KB)
8. Mr Kevin Scharenberg (PDF 34 KB)
9. Mr Keith Chester (PDF 173 KB)
10. Consumers Health Forum of Australia (PDF 432 KB)
11. Victorian Farmers Federation – Sunraysia Branch (PDF 763 KB)
12a. National Seniors Australia – Cover letter (PDF 196 KB)
12b. National Seniors Australia – Submission (PDF 692 KB)
14. People’s Alcohol Action Coalition (PDF 1727 KB)
15. Professor Martin Hagger (PDF 56 KB)
16. VicHealth (PDF 1056 KB)
17. Brewers Association of Australia & New Zealand Inc (PDF 461 KB)
18. Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (PDF 586 KB)
19. Australian Hotels Association (PDF 1221 KB)
20. The Scotch Whisky Association (PDF 84 KB)
22. Distilled Spirits Industry Council of Australia (PDF 1387 KB)
23. McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth (PDF 1698 KB)
24. Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia (PDF 2470 KB)
25. Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (PDF 586 KB)
26. National Alliance for Action on Alcohol (PDF 264 KB)
27. Alcohol Policy Coalition (PDF 596 KB)
28. Cancer Council Australia (PDF 743 KB)
29a. The Hon Jenny Macklin MP - Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (PDF KB)
29b. National Drug Research Institute Report: A longitudinal study of influences on alcohol consumption and related harm in Central Australia: with a particular emphasis on the role of price (PDF 7393 KB)

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