National Preventive Health Research Strategy (2012-2016) Consultation Draft

Latest update: 10 October 2012

The Agency welcomed submissions from all stakeholders to participate in a second consultation process to develop the National Preventive Health Research Strategy 2012-2016 and finalise this important guide for preventive health research in Australia. The submissions received have informed the further development and refinement of the final strategy.

Visit our Archives page to read the Development of the National Preventive Health Research Strategy: Report of the initial consultation with key stakeholders and the National Preventive Health Research Strategy (2012-2016) Consultation Draft.

The final draft National Preventive Health Research Strategy, including the research priorities, was prepared for discussion by the Expert Committees (alcohol, obesity, tobacco and research) and the Agency’s Advisory Council. The expected release date of the final strategy is in June 2013.

56 submissions to the Consultation Draft were received, see listing below:

Submissions Received:

  1. Dr Taylor, James Cook University
  2. Women's Health Victoria
  3. Heart Foundation
  4. Australian Women's Health Network
  5. National Committee for Medicine Australian Academy of Science
  6. Greater Green Triangle, University Department of Rural Health, Flinders and Deakin Universities
  7. Catholic Health Australia
  8. Consumer Health Forum of Australia
  9. Mental Health Council of Australia
  10. NSW Office of Preventive Health
  11. Victorian Alcohol & Drug Association
  12. James Cook University, Deakin University, University of Sydney
  13. Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men's Health, Andrology Australia Research Group
  14. Dietitians Association of Australia
  15. Deakin University's Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research
  16. Healthy Soils Australia
  17. Public Health Association of Australia
  18. SIDS and Kids Australia
  19. The Council of Academic Public Health Institutions Australia
  20. Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
  21. Weight Management Council Australia
  22. Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance
  23. Central Queensland University
  24. National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre
  25. Prevention Research Collaboration - University of Sydney
  26. Drinkwise Australia
  27. Bupa
  28. Climate & Health Alliance
  29. Dr Alden, Health Broke
  30. Healthy Ageing
  31. Prevention Partnership Australia
  32. WA Department of Health
  33. Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
  34. Australian Health Promotion Association
  35. Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania
  36. School of Public Health and Prevention Medicine Monash University
  37. Alzheimer's Australia
  38. Cancer Council Victoria
  39. Cancer Institute NSW
  40. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
  41. Dr Oliver Frank, University of Adelaide
  42. Environmental Health Australia
  43. Menzies School of Health Research
  44. National Drug Research Institute
  45. NSW Ministry of Health
  46. Public Health Evidence and Knowledge Translation Research Group
  47. Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia
  48. VicHealth
  49. Australian Physiotherapy Association
  50. Dairy Australia
  51. Pfizer
  52. Sydney Playground Project Team, University of Sydne
  53. Centre for Research on Ageing, Health and Wellbeing ANU
  54. Pets and Aged Care Steering Group
  55. Australian Bureau of Statistics (IN-CONFIDENCE submission)
  56. National Health Performance Authority (IN-CONFIDENCE submission)

To request a copy of any of the above non-confidential submissions please email: